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Indian Food Near Me

Indian Food Near Me

Indian Food Near Me

Are you also an Indian cuisine lover like me? All the Indian cuisine is available. Although “Chicken Tikka Masala” is by far the most popular Indian meal, I find that when I question people about their favorite Indian food, they most frequently respond with that one. It always somewhat worried me. Let me make one thing clear: Chicken Tikka Masala is my FAVORITE. Chicken Tikka Masala is the Indian dish I would offer to non-converts if forced to choose one. Indian cuisine is by far more than you’ve heard!

So I was hoping you could think of this as my attempt to resolve things. . Now you may follow this advice next time you go to your favorite Indian restaurant and try ordering something new that you’ve never tried before.

Are you looking for something new in your area to try? Put a little pep in your step by trying out the finest Indian restaurants in your area. The recommendations include suggestions for the most amazing chicken tikka masala, mutton tandoori, and perhaps other taste bud-pleasing meals.

This guide provides you with a piece of complete information about the Indian food near you. These are right where you are — at a shop close to you — or you may use Home Chef Collection items for cooking meals that are delicious and popular.

 Indian Food


  • Dosa-n-Curry

Indian Food Near Me

In Somerville, only a stone’s throw from Union Square, Dosa-n-Curry has lived true to its name, serving strictly vegan food for years. There are plenty of rice pancakes, with fillings including onion masala and curry leaf-seasoned onion masala. The menu also has a lot of diversity in both types of dishes and meals—ranging from Manchurian-style gobi to kulcha and pita loaves of bread.

  • Masala Kitchen

You may eat Kati Rolls every time of day since they are the best meal. Choices like chicken tikka masala, mutton kebab, paneer masala, and more come within freshly-made roti. You’ll also find it open late on the weekends when you’re in the mood for something cheesy.

  • Bistro of the Himalayas

indian food near me

The Nepali and Indian food that people know Boston for would not be the same without this West Roxbury institution, which has served all kinds of Nepali and Indian food, such as several kinds of roti loaves of bread dosas, irresistible fried pakora, and large dumplings. Last year, the proprietors opened a second restaurant named House of Tandoor in Newton Center.

  • Ekta

Serving up what neighbors want is Ekta’s business, with outlets in Fishtown, Bryn Mawr, and University City. Mutter paneer, tandoori masala, and a mango smoothie is my definition of a meal. On certain days, the Fishtown branch seems like it’s hopping with activity despite few customers. Of course, given how they have to manage an eat-in, takeaway, and delivery business in the city, it’s no surprise that it’s doing all three at once. To make matters worse, the staff never treats the guests poorly, which means that they’re a crowd doesn’t ever inspire you to go somewhere else.

  • Himalayan cuisine

indian food near me

There are plenty of Indian options, including goat biryani, tandoori Tangri chicken, and momo (all house-made), along with basic American food like steaks, BBQ chicken, baby backbones, and broiler Parmesan sandwiches. These range from fire-roasted Indian chicken breast served with mint and spicy chili sauce to a pizza loaded with Buffalo poultry or chicken tikka and paneer cheese.

  • The Madras Dosa Company

Indian Food Near Me

For an area that is overloaded with office workers and has few quick-bite options, Seaport will soon see an explosion of new quick-bite restaurants of every kind catering to those with busy schedules. The latest newcomer to the party, Madras, graced us in June with 30 distinct types of dosa in its grand premiere. All sorts of unique items are included in the thin, crispy rice and lentil pancakes: hot potatoes, peppers, and “gunpowder” (a mixture of black gramme, peppers, and chilies) as sweet Indian fruit sweets and porridge-like up.

  • Tiffin

indian food near me

The Tiffin has had an intriguing path with Indian food in Philly.  Munish Narula refers to Tiffin as a “multi-platform restaurant,” with fine dining restaurants, takeaway, delivery, and various spin-off services like Tashan and Tiffin Bistro, considered a new Tiffin concept. It uses the same Tiffin formula of simple Indian food with lots of options and transforms it into a place with a full bar. For newbies to Indian cuisine, it’s one of the most accessible places to visit – especially since they have a branch in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River. many spots

  • Voorhees’s Mount Masala

You’re right. Mount Masala is in a class of its own. It is Himalayan cuisine in the best sense of the term. Any idea when I’ll have a rundown of the finest Himalayan eateries to my name?  There are many more unique and exotic flavors on this menu than other what we usually eat in America! It’s a must-see.


indian food near me

  •  Most Indian restaurants would provide appetizers like traditional Indian street dishes.
  • The Bajji is a tasty fried ball made from spiced chickpea batter and eaten with a spicy chutney dipping sauce. Onion bhaji consists of a deep-fried chickpea batter with thin onion slices in it.
  • Samosas, famous Indian street food, are deep-fried triangular pastries stuffed with various fillings such as potatoes, peas, or lentils. A typical samosa comprises potato or meat filling (spicy), enveloped in the dough, deep-fried, and flaky.
  • Vada Pav: They are deep-fried potato dumplings or flattened patties.Vada pav is a vegetarian and sandwich, but it’s made with burger sliders instead of buns



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