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IBIO Stock

Ibio Stock

Ibio Stock, they are enabling the following technology of biologics via FastPharming® System for amazing quality,


green recombinant, and production of protein. A big range of proteins may be completely expressed by the use of their Nicotiana benthamiana flowers and effectively set up for excessive extent making in their 130,000-square-foot FastPharming Facility in Bryan, Texas.


They are placing those skills to work for their customers through their array of agreement improvement and production services, in addition to deploying them for the development of their vaccines, different pipelines, and merchandise for research & various bioprocessing applications.


Plus, with Glycaneering™ Development Service, they have more manage over protein glycoforms, inclusive of the capacity to dispose of fucose to create stronger monoclonal antibody therapeutics.


Their innovative, hard-running groups are combining their technology and skills to cope with unmet clinical desires in human fitness and veterinary medicine, at the same time as permitting customers to boost their biopharmaceuticals and 3D-bioprinted/tissue-engineered merchandise thru the health center and to market.




IBio, Inc. (NYSE MKT: IBIO), is a worldwide chief in plant-primarily based totally biologics manufacturing. Its FastPharming System® combines computerized hydroponics, vertical farming, and glycan engineering technology to grow speed-to-sanatorium of scalable,

continuously remarkable monoclonal antibodies, antigens, bio links, and different recombinant proteins.




Classical Swine Fever and Unmet Needs

Classical swine fever (CSF) is a notably contagious sickness affecting each feral and domesticated pig. Outbreaks in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America have adversely impacted animal fitness and meals protection and had extreme socio-financial effects on each swine enterprise international and small-scale pig farming.


The variety of medical symptoms and symptoms and similarity to different illnesses could make classical swine fever difficult to diagnose and manage withinside the occasion of a tremendous outbreak.


Currently, be had vaccines consist of stay attenuated virus vaccines and subunit vaccines. While staying attenuated virus vaccines may be green at triggering a speedy animal immune reaction and defensive swine populations while mixed with the culling of inflamed pigs.




contemporary answers do now no longer permit the differentiation of inflamed from vaccinated animals (DIVA), nor are they permitted to be used with inside the U.S. Previously evolved CSF virus (CSF) subunit vaccines be afflicted by thermal instability and bad long-lasting protection.


Therefore, the improvement of DIVA’s well-suited and efficacious vaccination answers stay pinnacle precedence to save you the financial effects of a CSF outbreak which includes delivering disruptions, export regulations, and decreased meals protection.




IBio is growing proteins to be used in present-day studies and cGMP production wherein the call for notable merchandise maintains to evolve.


By simply using this steady fast technology you can get results quite fastly of those untested proteins. The wonderful technology Fastpharming gives Ibio a great opportunity to bring up and in generating animal unfastened protein with exclusive techniques which are molecular biology, tissue, and cell engineering, etc.


CDMO Services


IBio gives a complete variety of improvement and product offerings to transport your tasks from pre-scientific to marketplace launch. Our FastPharming® System shortens your improvement timelines and presents for seamless scale-up.


Our Glycaneering™ Technology gives more manage and might supply increased product performance and quality. We give various recombinant merchandise which includes monoclonal antibodies, antigens for subunit vaccine design, lysosomal enzymes, and lots more.




Listing down some recent resources by the ibio company.

iBio Reports Successful Preclinical Immunization Studies with Next-Gen Nucleocapsid COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

Our company Establishes Oncology Drug Discovery Pipeline with Three New Antibody Programs

Our aim Reports Successful COVID-19 Vaccine Toxicology Study Results and Announces Next-Gen COVID-19 Vaccine Program

iBio Appoints Robert M. Lutz as Chief Financial & Business Officer



  1. Transformed Ibio Stock Provides Optionality
  2. FastPharming Platform drives CDMO Services, new biologics dev, and licensing
  3. Large market opportunities for therapeutics associated with cancer, fibrotic & infectious diseases
  4.  The platform creates the ability to produce vaccine candidates for human & animal health at a scale
  5. Fast-to-market” new product opportunities for Research & Bioprocess uses create synergy with other business areas

Financial Overview


  • Since 2008, Ibio publically traded NYSEA
  • Approximately $103.9 million in cash and cash equivalents plus investments in debt securities as of 31 March 2021
  • Approximately 216 million common shares and approximately 5.7 million options and restricted stock units to purchase shares of common stock outstanding as of 31 March 2021
  • No current debt

iBio Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update


For the monetary zone ended March 31, 2021, iBio mentioned sales of approximately $08million, a boom of $0.7 million from $0.1 million withinside the monetary zone ended March 31, 2020.


For investors, from this zone forward. IBio will embrace Cost of Goods Sold (“COGS”) and Gross Profit line. objects in its monetary statements. Gross profits that became now no longer giant for the 3 months ended March 31, 2020.


Since company sales are presently derived from a small number of contracts, and sales reputation from improvement and production offerings is a common concern to volatility because of timing,


the Company expects that gross earnings and gross earnings percent might also additionally differ extensively from zone to zone.


R&D prices for the monetary zone ended March 31, 2021, had been approximately $2.2 million, as compared with approximately $1.1 million withinside the equal length of 2020. The boom in R&D price of approximately $1.1 million became,


mainly Ibio Stock associated with will increase in employees. Different prices to assist the Company’s improvement of a portfolio of proprietary therapeutics and vaccines.




The company is an international chief in plant-primarily based totally biologics manufacturing. Its FastPharming® System combines vertical farming,

automatic hydroponics, and novel glycosylation technology to unexpectedly supply first-rate monoclonal antibodies, vaccines,

bio-inks, and different proteins. ii is growing exclusive at the FastPharming Program,

which includes biopharmaceuticals for the remedy of fibrotic and dangerous diseases, among others.

The Company’s subsidiary, iBio CDMO LLC, gives FastPharming Contract Development and Manufacturing Services, inclusive of Glycaneering™ Development Services for superior in-vitro protein design.

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