How to Tie Your Shoes

How to Tie Your ShoesHow to Tie Your Shoes

How to Tie Your Shoes: Kids Teaching Methods


Tying a shoe is a technique, once you grasp it; you will remember it for the rest of your life. There are many cool ways to tie your shoes but here we are discussing the basic but awesome techniques so you can easily tie your shoes with perfection. You just have to concentrate and once you deal with it with perfection then you have to do it again for remembrance. If you are telling this method to your kids then you should elaborate the exact step, if you miss some then your kid might do it wrong, so the initial focus is the key, and after that everything is easy. We are here to tell you about the awesome techniques to tie your shoes. Just stick with us to know. 

How to Tie Your Shoes
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Basic Knot Technique


At first, everyone should learn this technique, because this is the easiest technique to tie shoes. 


1- You have to balance both parts of the untying lace and after that place your shoes on the flat surface after wearing it. If you are teaching to your kid then use the multiple color lace so they can understand easily. 

How to Tie Your Shoes
How to Tie Your Shoes Buy Now

2- Now raise both laces upwards and thread one over the other and pull both ends tight to make the basic tie knot in the middle of the shoes. 


3- For the loop, you have to take one side of the lace and make a loop with your thumb and index finger.


4- Now take the other lace with your other hand and wrap it around the loop you made. Wrap it towards you and after that just pull it. 


This is the one loop knot or basic knot technique.


Bunny Ears Technique


The two-loop technique is called Bunny Ear Technique because it looks cute as the bunny ears. This is also an easy technique. 


1- Make the basic tie knot by threading both sides of the lace and pulling them tight in the middle. After that, make one loop which is discussed in the basic knot technique. Use your thumb and index finger to make the loop. 


2 Now use your other hand to make the second loop of another side of the lace. Use the thumb and lead finger to make the loop. 

How to Tie Your Shoes
How to Tie Your Shoes Buy Now

3- You sense both loops as the bunny ears but this is a very important technique and if you did it right you can make the perfect bunny ear knot. Place both loops over the other and tuck them behind. After that thread it into the hole and pull the bunny ear tightly.  


Ian Knot Technique


Ian Knot technique is also referred to as the magic finger technique. You have to concentrate on specifically finger technique; when you learned it you can learn many awesome techniques of tying the shoes easily.


 First, apply the basic steps and if you are demonstrating this technique to your kids then show them the toe kid, so show them the toe side so they can easily see your finger movements and learn it. 


Balance the shoelace. Means your left lace and right lace must be equal. After wearing the shoes, place them onto the smooth flat surface. 


We are sure that now you have learned to tie a basic knot. For the gentle reminder, take both laces and intertwine them, and pull them tight for the basic knot. Keep in mind; the knot should be formed in the right middle of the shoes. 

How to Tie Your Shoes
How to Tie Your Shoes Buy Now

It’s time for the finger magic technique. Use your thumb and your finger to grab the shoelace on one side. The direction of the fingers must be toward you so you can easily grasp this technique. You must make the lobster claw shape with your thumb and forefinger. 


Now it’s time to do the same for the other side of the shoelace with your other hand. Grab the shoelace and make the lobster claw shape. Your pinky finger of both hands should hold the shoelace. 


We are heading towards the magic of your finger. Now you have to twist your finger so they can face each other. Make it look like that both lobster claws are heading towards each other. Or form the lobster claw style X shape with laces. 


After making the X, just tangle both laces and force the laces between your fingers to pull them tight. After that, you will see the beautiful Ian Knot on the face of your gorgeous shoe. Please make sure that you tie the knot right in the middle of the shoes. It will make your shoes more fantastic. 


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