Divorce lawyer Mississauga

Divorce lawyer Mississauga

Presenting without a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga in a Court


You may not prefer hiring a family lawyer in Mississauga to represent your case in a family court. Or, you may lack the money to hire a divorce lawyer in Mississauga. In that case, you will need to act for yourself in a family court.

However, it seems scary and unnerving to many people to present themselves in a family court. Moreover, chances of winning your case while presenting yourself are 50-50. Nevertheless, you can count on our tips to increase your chances to win your case in a family court. Without further ado, let us dive into our tips:

Know Your Story to Represent Yourself

You should know your story to represent yourself in a family court. Answering the following three questions will aid you in presenting yourself:     

Q1. Why are you in court?

Q2. What do you want?

Make sure you answer each of these questions in one or two sentences. Try to answer your questions in a brief and clear way.

Present Your Story Sensibly

Present your story to the judge in a sensible way. You should speak naturally and speak about important things first so that the judge can understand you better. Speak about the things one by one without breaking the sequence of your story for a sensible presentation.      


  • Don’t Say Bad Things:

  • Speaking bad words about your former spouse can weaken your case. Usually, judges don’t like hearing nasty words. Nevertheless, you can stick to the important things to represent your story favorably in a family court. Present your argument that makes the judge feel sympathetic.


  • Ensure You Are Defending What You Expected to:

  • Self-representatives in a family law court may file the wrong documents and appear in the court without knowing that. This kind of situation won’t favor anyone, and you are no different. Thus, make sure you file the right documents to appear in the family court for that particular purpose. It will help you present your case confidently, based on your purpose for appearing.


Reasonable Compromise Is Better Than Humiliation:

You may expect to win your case and may do, too. However, you should compromise with the other party if the case involves children. Humiliating the other party will only turn the tables against you. Contrarily, a reasonable compromise with the other party in a family court will satisfy you better, and it is right, too. 


  • Know Your Direction to Talk and Answer Questions:

  • If you know your purpose of appearing in a family court, you can talk positively. You can predict what questions may the judge ask you, and you can answer those questions successfully.

Presenting yourself in a family court, following these tips can aid you to get a positive response from the judge. As a result, you can expect the decision about the case, made in your favor.


You may lack the budget to hire a divorce lawyer in Mississauga. Or, you may not want to hire a family lawyer. In that case, you have 50-50 chances of winning. Therefore, you should know how to present yourself to increase your chances of winning in a family court. Here are tips you may keep in mind to present yourself in a family court:


  • Know your story.
  • Speak sensibly.
  • Don’t say bad words.
  1. Know the purpose of your appearing in a court.
  2. Expect reasonable compromise than humiliation.
  3. Lastly, speak in the right direction to answer the judge’s questions and expect a positive outcome.  


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