Clinicient Insight EMR

Clinicient Insight EMRClinicient Insight EMR

Clinicient Insight EMR


Insight EMR is a flexible electronic health record and medical billing software designed by Clinicient. This software was created by a therapist himself who could not tackle the frustrating medical processes all by himself.

He analyzed there is a dire need for therapy-specific EMR systems. He put forth a phenomenal platform catering to outpatient rehab businesses.

It serves as an unbreakable link between physicians and their patients with its impressive care management services. In addition, with Insight EMR the vendor strives to improve the therapist’s work-life balance.

For this, it provides outpatient rehabilitation facilities with an intelligent web interface. The software is capable of streamlining clinical processes from scratch.

And thus, it is a life-saving solution for outpatient rehab care organizations, speech therapists, and occupational therapists

.The mission of Insight EMR software is to offer therapists a platform for building a perfect practice. It aims to improve patients’ health by assuring efficient care delivery.

And it works on a patient-centric and data-driven approach to help therapists provide valuable treatment.

Combining decades of expertise also looks into the financial perspective of clinics. Clinicient Insight EMR provides an intact billing software to empower practitioners by improving their clinical reimbursements. This was all about what Insight EMR is and what it aims for.

Feature Section of Insight EMR


1. Electronic Medical Records


Insight EMR Features give you a state-of-the-art EMR digital health records platform. It effortlessly digitizes the entire clinical workflow for a smooth patient experience. This cloud-based software automates all clinical processes, from patient visits to patient tracking.


Prescribing authentic medications with proper dosage has never been too easy for therapists. Insight EMR features a drug-controlled prescription tool. It even allows for automated prescription sharing and supports re-fills too.


The software facilitates patients with an integrated online appointment scheduler. Patients can schedule remote or on-site appointments at their convenience. This software prevents mixing up slots by creating an appointment scheduler calendar and also sends alerts to patients.

Patient Tracking

This tracking functionality is what therapists need to ensure the treatment plans are effective for individual patients. In addition, the patient tracking functionality keeps tabs on patient vitals and looks into the medications if patients move to other care facilities.

Clinical Summaries


EMR suite of Insight Clinicient solution creates automated clinical summaries. This makes patient encounters engaging by reducing the screen time for physicians. The summary includes highlights of past medical records, previous medications, allergic reactions, and more.

2. Billing Software


The billing module of Insight EMR software offers unparalleled services. It automates the entire billing cycle to rev up clinical profitability. Loads of workload can bog down the financial task handling team; that’s why it automates two-thirds of the labor-intensive tasks.

Clearinghouse Integration

Insight EMR features a solid clearinghouse for managing the claims. It processes all the claims keenly before submitting them to the insurance firms. As a result, it greatly reduces the probability of denials and results in better cash flow.

Automated Charge Sheet

Insight EMR features a smart tool for taking the guesswork out of the charge capture process. It simplifies the process of aggregating invoices and bills statements. Automating the charge sheet for insurance companies and payers Insight EMR improves the reimbursement collection.

Automated Medical Coding


The charge process is followed by automated coding for optimizing the allowed billable units. This software holds a set of therapy-specific medical codes. This way, it takes the complexity out of the billing cycle by making it just a game of codes.

Corrections Incomplete Claims

Instead of just processing the claims cycle with the robust claims, the system looks into the error-induced ones too. Then, using the coding facility, Clinicient Insight EMR fills the claims and auto-corrects them for any mistakes.

Electronic Eligibility Verification


Insight EMR also features an eligibility tool for automatically looking into the patient verification details. This simple activity saves occupational therapists from the financial burden in case things go wrong. It performs insurance checks before submitting claims.


3. Telehealth

Another impressive feature of Insight EMR is its exceptional telehealth service. The system supports a fully embedded virtual interface powered by BetterAccess. It enables physicians to deliver remote treatment, conveniently leading to productive outcomes reducing clinical costs.

Online Scheduling

Insight redefines access to care facilities by allowing patients to schedule virtual appointments. The telemedicine software integrates with the EHR module to ensure there are no mixed-up appointments for outpatient rehab organizations.

E-Visit Charge Codes


The vendor supports electronic charge codes specifically for remote interactions to assure therapists get paid. It creates invoices and uploads them on patient profiles before the patient sits for the online visit.

Integrated App

This service is even accessible from the mobile app for Insight EMR software. The app supports everything from direct links from patient charts to video conferencing. It makes it possible to attend appointments even on the go.


4. Regulatory Compliance


Insight EMR seamlessly follows all the legal rules and regulations of the United States healthcare industry. It abides by the laws to deliver first-rate care. It even complies with advanced regulatory bodies for better health management.

Medicare Cap Tracking

This robust solution tracks the medicare cap of patients and notifies therapists when they reach this medicare limit. This service is available for outpatient physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists.


The industry-leading platform is HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliant. Adding to it, it offers thorough guidance to physicians as it supports ICD-10 and the National Correct Coding Initiative Edits. These integrations and compliances lead to phenomenal health care outcomes.

Concluding Thoughts

Schedule a demonstration with this software to have a smooth practical experience. The demo of Insight EMR includes all the exclusive care functionalities. So, by setting up an Insight EMR demo, you can see for yourself that it offers all the facilities mentioned above for therapists.

For OT and PT, Clinicient Insight EMR is a phenomenal pick. No EMR solution offers this level of therapeutic services like Insight EMR does. It even provides medical coding, medicare cap tracking, and telehealth services for all therapy organizations.

For its low pricing, Insight EMR indeed has a lot to offer. It touches all clinical aspects by featuring integrated EHR and practice management modules. Above all, it comes with built-in billing software to manage the financial performance of medical practices.

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